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“We treat your home like our own”

Owner Kiel Pridey says :
“We have excellent relationships with our clients. It is one of trust and respect and we are happy to collect your money* after the materials and crew are at your site.”

How The Process Works

Clients Love Our Clear and Easy Process!

  • A FREE initial inspection is done to determine is there enough damage to file a claim. Note: Your insurance premium is not increased nor your policy cancelled because you file a weather related claim
  • .If there is enough damage, Superior Southern will sign a conditional agreement which allows us to be there when your insurance adjustor comes, and to perform the work once approved.  Note IF THERE IS NO APPROVAL THERE IS NO OBLIGATION.
  • For your convenience we call in your insurance claim and schedule an inspection with your adjustor.
  • Complete your association paperwork and you submit it to your HOA
  • When your adjustor comes, we can be there to assist them and show them the damage we found if necessary.
  • When the claim is approved, you will receive the first of 2 checks* from your insurance company, either immediately or by mail in a few days. Note  If you have a mortgage, your check will probably be made out to you and your lender. Both you and your lender must endorse the check before your work can begin. We can provide additional  advice you on this step as needed 
  • Once the check has arrived contact our office with information on when the check will be endorsed and available for pick up or mail out ( Your Project Manager will provide a SASE for your convenience)  
  • Your work will be scheduled, usually in about a week.
  • Once our crew and materials are at your site, we will collect your deductible and your first insurance check if we have not yet received it  
  • Your work will be completed, usually in one or two days
  • Once your insurance company sends the final check to complete payment please contact our office immediately. Your Project Manager will have provided a SASA for your convenience or can arrange pick up if preferred.  
  • If the claim is denied, we can schedule a second and even third inspection if necessary to get approval. Many claims are approved at this point.  We can also provide you with information about the legal process and refer you to an attorney who specializes in storm damage if your claim is still denied. Note. There is no cost to you.  Any legal fees will be included in your claim.